It makes it all worthwhile It to get up at 4 am drive 70 miles to a trail head, hike in 1.5 miles scramble down 100 feet of embankment in the cascades

scramble crawl on on your knees , to get to a spot where you can only access a pool you can sort of see by leaning up against your right shoulder on a huge boulder
and doing a backwards cast over your left shoulder with a 4 weight in to the soft water near a mini water fall to get a caddis into the pool
and then seeing your rod bend and knowing you have hooked to a 10 o 11 incher in pocket water country where most of the fish are 6 to 8 inches

Then land him , look at your watch and see it is only 6 30 am and know you have the rest of the day to fish and you are playing with house money.

only 6 more weeks until the rivers open up !!!!!!!:)

Enjoy every moment you can while here on the planet earth
Every day is a gift


Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Yessir, grew up doing just that! I still get out on some mountain streams once or twice a year, but I have moved more and more away from that type of fishing.
Likewise, Unfortunately, difficulty moving along cobbled stream banks has "moved" me from that type of fishing. Boy did I love that stuff when I was younger - wild Cutties are such a treasure!

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