Do you treat your gore-tex with anything

Nikwax all the way.

“Cleaning your GORE-TEX® garments regularly will extend the life of the product. It will also keep them breathable as dirt and oil can clog the GORE-TEX® membrane over time.
It is critical to wash jackets. Natural oils can damage the GORE-TEX® tape and adhesives causing a peeling effect.
Machine wash warm. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
Remember to zip all pockets and close all Velcro cuffs before washing to prevent any damage caused by the machine.
Tumble dry on warm setting making sure not to use a high heat setting. Drying on warm will actually reactivate the DWR coating.”
I always use a delicate type laundry liquid rather than the hard core Tide/Gain/Cheer stuff. I agree with the Nikwax treatment as well. Good stuff.
We use Gore-Text drysuits down here. They get soiled with fish slime and often need cleaning. I'm particularly happy with how well Nikwax Tech Wash cleans Gore-Tex and other breathable fabrics.

Gore-Tex shouldn't need a DWR treatment and it might even clog the pores.

Richard E

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My Simms guide jacket is about 2 years old now. I've taken super good care of it, and it still repels water as expected. It's due for another gentle washing. Is there really any reason to treat it with anything? I don't see where Simms sells any treatment for their coats. There are a number of products on Amazon like this
Wash with NikWax, according to the directions. DO NOT wash the jacket with normal laundry detergent, no matter how gentle you think it might be. That detergent will clean the jacket, sure, but it’s highly likely it will also adversely affect the DWR treatment of the exterior jacket material.

If the jacket is still repelling water, you don’t need to apply DWR treatment.

Remember, the Goretex is a membrane sandwiched in between material. When you wash the jacket, you are primarily cleaning the outer layers. The material on which you see water beading off the jacket is s facing material to protect the GoreTex. When the material starts to no longer repel water, wash the jacket and apply a DWR treatment, whether spray-on or wash-in. NkkWax is the tried and true provider of these products, but there are s lot of options out there.
My jacket started leaking and I treated it after a wash with a spray on product, but don't remember what it was, but it worked.
I live on the dry side and only need a rain jacket once every couple years. Plus I'm getting old and can't remember my own name sometimes

Richard E

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Tx direct. The wash in is the lazy man's way and it works. The spray on after washing in tech wash is the kit. A couple coats then into the furnace room.
I said what you just wrote, info I believe I obtained on the web, to some NikWax reps at REI, and they told me just the opposite. The recommend wash-in.

I use both - wash-in, and the later touch up high exposure areas with spray on.

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