Fly Line Recycling


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I took a look in the search and found nothing. I am sure that this has been talked about before, but i have never seen it. I have lines that are retired, but do not want to dispose of them in the garbage.

So, on that note, has anybody on here heard of it or actually been able to recycle old lines?




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I’m unaware of anywhere that would take it, so I made a belt with some of mine. Kind of like the paracord belts, but with old fly line. I’ve also made sunglass leashes, fly fishing lanyards, etc.

Another use is to throw it on an old reel and and let a kid/new fly fisher learn with it. Lawn casting beats lines to hell, so might as well start with a line that’s already there.
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Wow and yep. Goes along with Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Seen the bracelets ;). Some good use being put to old or unused fly lines.

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