FS Nor-Vise w/ Scads of Xtras & A Dyna-King Voyager II Vise


Steve Cole - Nisqually and Adjacent Environs
I have two vises for sale, both used but in great shape.

No. 1: Nor-Vise In-line Stainless Hub vise with a bunch of accessories, including 3 automatic bobbins, tube fly hub (brass), set of 45 degree fine point jaws, and thread spooling tool. Here are some details:

Norlander Nor-Vise In-line - Stainless Legacy Finish: The standard Norvise configuration with stainless steel front and rear hubs, with heat-treated, cam-operated stainless steel jaws. Smooth jaw surfaces to protect delicate hooks while gripping tight, without slipping. Hooks align easily and spin smoothly, with minimum vibration. The small straight jaws configuration can manage any hook size, or type.

Nor-Vise Automatic Bobbins (3): One ceramic tube bobbin and the other two have ceramic tips. These bobbins retract thread automatically so you don't have to roll up excess thread as with using a normal bobbin - reduces gap between hook shank and bobbin tube mouth.

Nor-Vise Fine Point Jaws (old style): These are fixed at a 45 degree angle and are designed to give a tyer better access for small stuff, tying around the bend, and pinching material onto the hook. Quick and easy attachment - just remove in-line jaws by loosening the front hub set screw and replace with the Fine Point jaws.

Nor-Vise Bobbin Spooler: Used to transfer tying threads from bulk or plastic spools onto the aluminum spools for your Norvise Bobbin... works with an electric drill, sewing machine spooler and on the Norvise itself.

Nor-Vise Tube Fly System: This is designed to use a variety of sizes / types of tube fly materials including all packaged plastic tubes, manufactured tube fly components, metal tubes with / without liners, and various types of bottle tubes. Great for bulk plastic tubing, semi-ridged materials or soft transition / junction tubing. Includes: easy-mount brass front hub, hex wrench, collet holder and three different size collets with matching mandrels.

Asking $625 $550, shipped CONUS (AK and HI included)

No. 2: Dyna-King Voyager II Vise with Pedestal Base

The DK Voyager II has infinite angle settings and a heavy steel base, making for a sturdy tying platform. Simple to use, and can switch between rotary or conventional tying setting. Hook range: 8/0-22; Length, Jaw tip to end =5-1/2”; Height, Jaw tip to desk=7”; Weight, (w/Pedestal) =3”. Features: Adjustable Tying Angle; Tool Steel Jaws; Forcing Cone Tension Adjustment; Rotational Body; Hardened Cam Set Collar; Lock Screw; Bobbin hanger (not pictured) and a padded travel pouch included. This vise is in great used condition, as well, with jaws in really good shape.

Asking $180, shipped CONUS (AK and HI included)
Photos below and will ship to other non-US destinations for actual costs less the USPS expense for US shipments.

Sorry, not looking for trades as this time (trying to put together funds for an AK trip this Fall).

PayPal payments, please.

Will answer any questions folks might have but be patient as we are in the middle of a renovation to our home, which is kinda crazy-making just now, so it may take a little time to get back to you with responses.

Thanks All!
Steve Cole

Nor-Vise.Bobbins.Jaws.Spooler.Tube Mandrel.jpg Nor-Vise.Lit.jpg DK Voyager II.jpg
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Steve Cole - Nisqually and Adjacent Environs
I reduced the asking price for the Nor-Vise set as I can't seem to locate the mandrels and other parts for the Tube System.... Asking $550 now, shipped.

Steve Cole
Would you consider partial trade and cash. I have a Echo Dec Hogan 6126 1 and a NAA 25 mag mini revolver. Interested in either as a partial trade? Also have a Sage 2 piece SP

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