FS Sage 3400d Reel and spool (7-9 wt)


Reel has a few scratches and dings but still functions perfectly. The spool palming rim is a little bent but still works great. Wood handles which leads me to believe that these were the ones produced in the US. Word is that this drag was designed by Jack Charlton. Backing is included, fly line is not.
No reel cases.
20190415_175136.jpg 20190415_175147.jpg 20190415_175155.jpg 20190415_175206.jpg 20190415_175210.jpg 20190415_175215.jpg 20190415_175431.jpg
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If you are only interested in the reel or just the spool the prices would be $235 shipped for the reel and $65 for the spool.
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