FS Fly Lines (SA, Wulff, Orvis)


Brand new or sligtly used fly lines. Prices are shipped conus

SA amplitude infinity smooth WF5F, camo, new in box, $75

Airflo Skagit Compact 450gr, used a few times, great shape, in blank grommet bag, $30

SA Freightliner Skagit Intermediate 400gr, New In box, $40

Wulff Triangle Taper WF5F, olive, used 1x, Sold

Orvis Hydros Nymph WF5F, new in box, sold!!!

SA Frequency Mangum Glow in the dark, WF6F, used 1x, Sold

SA Frequency Mangum Glow in the dark, WF7F, used 1x, $30
20190424_072536.jpg 20190424_072536.jpg
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