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Max P

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Swap is closed. Will update later with the finished products.

I feel its about time to run another swap. I was thinking of doing a streamer swap. Something like a dozen participants one fly each or if theres not enough interest maybe 6 participants tying up 2 patterns. Deadline could be some time in June but we can discuss that as a group when its locked in place. I'm thinking streamers as I could use those when I travel to Argentina for sea run browns.

I really want to do this as I recently got a new macro lens for my camera and a light booth so I'd really like to take some cool pictures of the flies everyone ties. Let me know if your interested and I'll add you to the list.

1) Max P
2) thesankers
3) Ron McNeal
4) Randall Clark
5) Jake Watrous
6) Ryan Janos
7) Lando
8) Steve stabgnid
9) Cos
10) Jeff P
11) candr
12) Norm Frechette
Back up) Brandonweeda
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