Trip Report First time at Omak Lake


I wanted to post a report on my trip to Omak. I never caught a Lahontan Cutthroat trout before and wanted the experience of catching this unique fish. I hope this isn’t considered Hot Spotting but wanted to give you a perspective of a first timer. IMHO – anything that has been featured in the NW Flyfishing is fair game in my book.

This was my first time at Omak. Fished it last Thursday late afternoon under broken skies and minimal wind. Fishing from my Pontoon Boat. Significant midge hatch was occurring – but I wanted to fish streamers/buggers. My Lahontan cherry was popped by this beautiful fish.


Camped on the new Camp Ground on Rufus Woods – Net Pen Campground. Nice campground, no trees but not too bad scenery. Just about a twenty mile drive to Omak. Damn Turkeys made sure we were awake at dawn to make sure we get fishing early .


Returned on Friday – fishing was slow but did catch a few – including a 23 inch fish that took me awhile to get to the net – damn thing just kept dogging me and making me spin around and around in my boat. Final fish of the day. Took a Zug Bug of all things on an intermediate line.


My overall impression of Omak – spectacular scenery - not a lot of folks there – nice lake. But we did luck out when it comes to the wind – not much at all but we did have to deal with a rainstorm Friday afternoon. Fished Cowpie both days. Lahontans are a beautiful fish – not a lot of fight in them - a very different type of fight vs a Rainbow – get it to the boat fairly quickly with no jumps – but near the boat it bears down and dogs you for a while.

Saturday the plan was to actually fish Rufus Woods at the campground – but the forecast called for rain and wind, so we decided to head back and on the way hit Dry Falls and then make the long drive back to Portland. Dry Falls was not good – no fish caught and it rained a lot. Sleeping in my bed Saturday night and was able to get up Sunday morning and watch Tiger do his thing .


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