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If there was a one-ball version for all the guys who had say testicular cancer, or an undescended testis or like a ferocious ischemic twisticle that ended up with a loppage, I would be all for their one-balled identification. They bore their pain and came through with resolution. An "I'm one-balled, I'ma survivor, and proud of it..." kinda moment where frankly I would give the dude a thumbs up to let him know a one-baller can still be a baller!

Now the two ball hanger just tells me the pain is every one else's to bear..
What, having an entire pen brand devoted to this cause isn't enough?


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I know who that is(if it was a multi colored dodge), hes in his 90s, tough as shit and will bust your ass if you talk back to him. Hes a war vet, volunteers at the local parks cleaning up garbage. Hes a very nice guy and have known him for 15+ yrs, he deserves some respect, besides his balls probably hang that low anyways.

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