Ever get a little rusty after time off?

Kyle Smith

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My best bud and I brought a canoe to the river on Friday to prep for a 3 night float in Eastern Montana, planned for 3 weeks from now. My other canoe experience involved a guided tour down the Bronx River. Tetanus and hobos were the biggest hazards then. I did alright, but my friend obviously had zero rust. Hell of a paddler.

Skip Enge

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I once went to the Greased Line Fly shop and used that weird Sage casting ananalyzer… I was not effed up at all...I have a good stroke...so I will take it after 40 years as you don't suck you just don't have the right rod or the will...maybe?


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Well, finally got out on the water after skipping a year and it sure felt good to bring a fish to hand. Yeah, it took awhile to get the feel back but it's like riding a bicycle, it's just a lot harder to put cards in the spokes. The walk in and out was long and I'm tired but as David Letterman would say, "it's a good kind of tired." :cool:

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