Lost Fly Fishing Vest - Pass Lake


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Hi all,
I forgot my fly fishing vest on Saturday, April 20th, at Pass Lake at about 5:30 pm. I believe it was draped over a rock in the parking lot. If anybody has any information on it’s where abouts so I can get it back it would be much appreciated! I believe it’s a Columbia vest and it has a net attached to the back. Thanks everyone!

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
Hope you get it back. I too left a Columbia fishing vest a few years back in the pink craze on the puyallup,river. Never got it back, but it was near a trailer park with sketched out meth looking people. Maybe a bear, cougar or wolf took it lol


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I drove by the lot on my way home yesterday and didn't see it (long shot), so someone likely picked it up on Sunday...I will keep an eye out on Anacortes area postings I look at and let you know someone found it and posts it.

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