FS Regal Revolution, waterproof camera, and a couple of reels

Nick Clayton

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Organizing my fishing/tying area and have a few things I need to clear out.

1. Regal Revolution pedestal base vise. Pedestal is brand new. Comes with two jaws. The purple head is the shank head. Designed to hold shanks it will also hold a basic range of hooks rock solid. Also comes with the standard jaws head. The standard head is brand new. Never so much as been installed on the vise. Also comes with an extra stem, and material clip. On the stem that's currently installed I put a small amount of UV resin where it goes into the pedestal. There was a tiny little bit of wobble there that annoyed me and the dab of resin made it rock solid


20190422_105653.jpg 20190422_105739.jpg

Olympus TG-5 Waterproof camera. This is a factory refurbished model. I originally purchased new then had to send it in for warranty work. Instead of fixing the original they sent me a new refurbed one. Great camera I simply don't use it any more. It's been drug around on many fishing trips and has some light scratches and the back screen is scuffed up but it functions flawlessly. Super tough, totally waterproof camera. Takes cool underwater shots and is great to throw it in your pocket for any fishing trip and not have to worry about it. Takes incredible macro photos as well. Also has wifi for transferring pics to your phone or pc. Comes with original battery as well as an extra aftermarket battery and wall charger. Battery life is amazing. I've never once had to use a second battery.


20190422_110530.jpg 20190422_110547.jpg 20190422_110556.jpg 20190422_110647.jpg

2 Sage Spectrum 5/6 reels. Both are grey color. I bought these new and have fished them maybe once or twice. Other than that they have stayed in my boat bag. Both look damn near brand new. Neoprene cases, boxes, and stickers/paperwork included.

Lines not included but I'll leave on the nearly new backing


20190422_110813.jpg 20190422_110834.jpg
20190422_110913.jpg 20190422_110919.jpg
PayPal preferred. Buyer covers any PP fees. Shoot me a PM if interested
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