Bootfoot or Stockingfoot waders?


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I am looking for a pair of waders, and I was wondering if anyone has preferences either way. I've only only wet waded, so not much experience on my part, but bootfoot waders look like they are more convenient.


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Bootfoot tend to be warmer for your feet and are indeed convenient, but your choices are more limited then stocking foot models.

Jake Watrous

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If you've got fairly standard body and feet, you'll be fine and perhaps warmer with bootfoot. They certainly seem to be more convenient.

If, however, you're in a situation like mine where your body isn't standard (6'7, size 15 feet) the S/M/L/XL of most bootfoot waders just wont cut it.


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I prefer stockingfoot waders. Yes, you have to purchase wading boots separately, but it gives you more flexibility and you will have a better quality wading solution. 10 months of the year, I wear my wading boots over the neoprene booties of the stockingfoot waders. When it is warm out and I'm wet-wading a stream, I wear neoprene socks under my wading boots. When I'm in my pontoon boat, I just wear my stockingfoot wader and can fit scuba fins (more powerful) over the booties; I cannot fit scuba fins over my boots.


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A mistake I made in the beginning was buying boots too small for my feet, and the neoprene bootie together. Too small = cramped toes and less room for (warmth/wiggle room) Be sure and try the whole get-up on in the store, and then try on at least 1 full size bigger than you want.....check for ample wiggle room. this really helps with the warmth.


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Stocking foot with quality, properly sized wading boots are SO much more comfortable for walking and wading than boot foots. I have had boot foots as well, but would only recommend them for winter steel heading during the very coldest of weather. And even then a proper stocking foot wader and wading boot set up should be warm enough. My $.02.

Jim Ficklin

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I'm firmly in the "stocking foot" camp. The only time I wore boot foot waders was when I hunted ducks - and those were insulated. Stocking foot waders roll into a more compact bundle & those & the wading boots are much easier to carry if you are hiking-in to a fishing destination.


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A good pair of waders will outlast a good pair of boots if you fish hard. I usually go through 2-3 pairs of boots per set of waders.

And yeah, being able to wet wade in the summer with neoprene socks and boots while leaving the waders behind is always a huge benefit.


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Me too - breathable stocking foot waders and wading boots. I have three pair of wading boots to cover the "no studs in my boat rule" and one pair that isn't felt for "no felt in my river" rule.... for my tube, I wear the WRONG flats boot over my stocking foot waders (my fins won't fit over wading boots).

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