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Chris Scoones

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This is a repost which was originally shared on April 7, 2018. Since Mike's been banned yet likes to come back under new identities, I'll leave it up as a warning and to display the list of his ID's.

Regarding an issue of a seller on WFF. Reported by @jfilip85 concerning @Mark DiOrio. Reported issue was the classifieds seller overselling condition of gear for max price and when called out to resolve, bullshit spin ensued. Reasonable discussion gained nothing.

Joe's problem with this transaction is verified.

His approach to remedy with the seller not finding resolution does not reflect on Joe. He shouldn't have used PPal F&F but since he did his options are limited, which is on him, and he understands that as his f-up. The real problem is the POS seller who is on his third WFF account now. @Mike Melfa of NJ is the type of hobby buyer/seller that causes issues we want nothing to do with. To those of you who have had good transactions with him in the past, your luck has nothing to do with it so keep it to yourself. He buys equipment at discount on the site, deletes his posts on those ads to cover his tracks, then resells it back being dishonest about the condition for top dollar. If called out, takes no responsibility. Same response to shipping problems, bullshit spin. He's even practiced with his bullshit spin, involving a son that either doesn't exist or that plays no part in any of his deals, like the stories he spins regarding the gears history.

So he's been banned, but frequently attempts to return with other identities. Sometimes he gets in for a while, most times not. Mike, your choice but if you continue I'll be taking it as a personal challenge. My response would not be limited to WFF.

Michael Melfa. 337 Cannella Way, Riverdal NJ 07457-1439.
Previous Admin warning.

Banned ID's:

Chris Scoones
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David Loy

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Thanks Chris!
It’s not lost on me, and I’m positive most of the guys here agree, how good stewardship makes this site (by far) the absolute best out there, regardless of genre. I can only guess at how much time and energy (and internet brain power not many have) that you and Jerry spend here, but it is much appreciated.
Kind of related, upgrades cost $, and your family is young. Squeak if you’d like help sometime.


Thank you very much for the heads up!

People like this can deteriorate good communities like this one... here's to hoping that never happens



Phil Englin

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I bought a 6 wt line from him which was actually a 7 wt. Tried to claim it was a 6 wt line in a 7 wt box. Refused to return money

two fly

I have purchased lots of items on this forum and shipped to Canada , everyone’s been fantastic to deal with !
It’s too bad people resort to dishonesty like this.
Thanks for the heads up !

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