Indi "Ira" Jones
I heard earlier through another source and I did my best to stay strong throughout the day. WFF is a family in its own way and though not blood, your dad felt like a brother to me.

I have my own rod tied up by him, and it will never now leave my possession, unless it is something you want @Scudley Do Right ? I would happily hand it over.

I actually contribute my fondness for jig style patterns to your dad. He is the first one who introduced me to the concept, long before it was ever cool.

I will certainly miss running into him on the beach, at the lake and on the river.


Totally Unprofessional
Very sorry Scudley for your loss. Crazy thing I was going through some stuff yesterday and dug out an 8wt glass rod that your Dad sold me. Beautiful green and red thread wraps. I'm not sure if he redid the cork on it or not, but still very well done. Anyways, he will be a missed member of this community.
Over 30 years I’ve known and worked with Doug. He taught me how to salmon fish and fly fish. spent many many hours in a boat cherished every one of them. He was the best fisherman I ever known. I always tell everybody he was so good he could catch fish in a mud puddle!! We had so much fun. Sometime the road trips were just as much fun. He would always figure out what to use and how to fish it he would always out fish everybody. He was wise and witty. My son used to say he used to love just sitting around the campfire listening to all of our old stories almost more than he liked to fish. I have a hole in my life and will miss a true friend.Nick you know you were lucky to have a dad like him I hope you and your mom are doing OK

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