FS 10” Tablesaw wired 220.

My Mom is now in a independent living facility. We are in the process of clearing out her house to sell. My Dad had some tools we are giving away or selling cheap just to clear it out. I know it’s odd to be wired this way, but if you have an outlet wired for 220...
It’s old, dusty and filled with sawdust but still works. If you are interested PM me. You have to come and get it by this weekend or make arrangements with me. It’s in South Seattle by Rainer Ave S and S College Streets near Borrachini’s Bakery.


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I don't need a table saw, but I would be overly ecstatic to find a decent 14" bandsaw if anyone has one. I have taken up a hobby with my son, who doesn't like to fish or do anything outdoors with me, building guitars. We're just getting started, but it's pretty fun and something we can enjoy together, as his addiction is playing guitar. Maybe one day he'll join me on the river, but for now, this is what I do with him.

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