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I must say this is not surprising. Over the years I have had many bizarre and downright scary incidents up that road. I no longer fish up there alone and just flat don't fish up there nearly as much as I used to.

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I can remember when it was safe to fish in the hills of youse guys state. Now I don't think I would go up in there without a body guard. Now when ever I go fishing I stay close to the road in plain site.

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"gun folks"= creeps with guns... got it ! Sorry...not being a gun owner causes me to slip in my semantics. another excuse...I posted this after midnight after a long evening at work...It sucked, making me grumpy...i know lousy excuse.


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Yeah, those folks are just creeps period. I'm a gun owner, military veteran, law abiding citizen and have no qualms about associating with like minded folks. I don't even mind being labeled a gun owner by anti-gun folks. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Only thing I ask/hope for is that folks consider the types of individuals being described in some of these incidents and not lump us all together. It doesn't break my heart to see folks who violate the laws with regards to gun ownership/possession punished to the fullest extent of the law, but I'll admit that rarely seems to happen, just as those folks arrested in Seattle 70-80 times over the course of a few years are still on the street. Society is too lax when it comes to punishment when an offense is committed, which is why this type of behavior continues. And I'll stop now....
I'm glad to hear that there were no injuries. I was fishing up there for a couple hours on Saturday afternoon and saw the WDFW truck along the road on my way in. This must have been before the incident, or perhaps he had just arrived and was checking people out, since he was parked by the side of the road near a couple other cars just past the end of the pavement where there is an old gravel quarry where folks often shoot at targets (illegally, since it is on private timber land where target shooting is prohibited). Later, as I was driving out on the gravel road, I met a USFS law enforcement vehicle racing the other way, and, after I got out to the paved road, met a county sherrif's vehicle and what looked like a highway patrol vehicle headed in at very high speed. My first thought was DFW officer in trouble. F&W officers throughout the country often find themselves in difficult places with little possibility of backup. I'm glad it was resolved safely.

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