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I'm not a camper. I usually find a Motel close to where I want to go and get a room. I like hot showers and comfortable beds. There are camp grounds on most of the rivers on the coast. But I don't know what they are like or if they have any electrical hookups.

One more thing. If your going to fish in the salt water, Be sure to wash off everything when your done for the day in fresh water. It is also better to soak your reels in fresh water. Everything you use be sure to dunk it in fresh water.. I did the reel dunking thing after a trip to Point No Point and damn if it didn't seize up anyway. Follow the washing with some good Reel lube.
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Mora's your best bet for being close to the beach. I don't know much about the beach fishery, except that casting is generally "tricky" into 20-mph onshore winds, which is what you'll find most days. Early mornings can offer some respite.

If you go in June/July, the Sol Duc has some interesting (and challenging) opportunities for non-steelhead salmonids. It gets runs of riverine sockeye and summer coho that will drive you mad trying to trigger a bite, but the challenge is fun. There is also some very decent cutthroat fishing in the upper reaches of the freestone streams. Enjoy!
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take anything I can get. Wesport and Neah Bay sound kind of like the fishery I'm looking for. I love catching those purple largemouth! It's the only species of saltwater fish I've ever caught, but I would definitely be down to target those again!


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If being close to the beaches is your biggest wish, I would consider heading south. I prefer the campgrounds and beaches in OR to those on the OP. Lots of good options and decent fishing too (serf perch, probably salmon, etc.).


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Might want to check the state parks website for reserving camp sites. Most of those beach parks fill up fast. Kalaloch is within the national park so checking that would be good too, again they fill up very fast in advance. There’s also Mora Beach near the mouth of the Quillyute at Lapush.
La push has good surf perch fishing

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Camping at the Mora Nat'l Park campground might be better than what you will find in LaPush. I haven't been up there for a while, though. I hope you guys are towing at least one smaller vehicle for running around, after you score your campsite. I recently noticed a sign at the parking area at Westhaven State Park in Westport, at the South Jetty. Its a "day use" area, with no camping. Very popular with surfers, jetty fishers, and folks who just want to enjoy the beach.
The sign said: "NO vehicles over 22 feet." I guess the WA State Parks peeps don't want folks with huge RVs clogging up the parking lots in "day use areas," basically "camping" all day from dawn til dusk. The parking lot at Westhaven St Pk gets chock full of regular sized vehicles on weekends. Longer RVs are OK in the campgrounds, though.

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Smells like low tide.
The Olympic Peninsula is great, but be sure to book early. I don't RV it, just camp but one place I have found that is nice and usually has openings is this place between Westport and Willapa Bay. It's a short walk or drive to the beach.
Kenanna has a lot of room. I used to mispronounce it until I learned that Its owners, Ken and Anna, combined their first names to name the campground. At first glance, I thought the name was pronounced "Kay-nah-nah":confused:, buts its "Ken-Anna."
This is more out in the sticks than campgrounds in Westport. Its kind of like in the middle of nowhere. You have Westport to the N, and Tokeland to the S, if you want to visit "civilization."
Grayland lives up to its name in every way conceivable. Foggy or overcast, with lots of old folks:D and not much going on. Main happening around here is cranberry farming. Its almost like most other places, but in slower motion, except for the hot rodders.
You can fish for surfperch off the beach anywhere along here. Wind is a factor. Early mornings have lighter, more favorable winds for fishing.
Kenanna is not far from a small country-style grocery, The Local Store.

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Smells like low tide.
Hell, If I was planning to stay somewhere at the beach in the outer Strait, I might head all the way out to Neah Bay, cut across the back of the Cape to Makah Bay, and go camp at Hobuck Beach. I hear that kayak fishers have taken over the place. Maybe a couple of surf bums in the mix, too. The good thing about Hobuck, is that you can take a short drive down to the "trailhead" to Shi Shi Beach, which is a nice place to visit. Easy couple of mile hike in, with some switchbacks cutting down the cliff to the beach on the final approach. We paid a local woman to park in her fenced private parking area there when we hiked into Shi Shi, since we felt that our car would be safer. I have never traveled in a large RV...I used to head out there in my '62 VW camper...and later my Soobies. '62 Camper still had the ancient 6 volt system. I would always try to park on top of a rise, just in case...although 2 guys could jump start it in 2nd on a level parking lot, with the driver pushing on the door jamb, and the other guy giving it his all on the back bumper.
Sometimes we camped at Hobuck when on surfari to the "secret" reef breaks rumored to exist near there.
I can recommend either Mora Campground, Hobuck Beach, or maybe even Kalaloch Campground, which is on the South end of the Kalaloch beaches. Maybe you should get in touch with the various campgrounds and find out if they can accommodate two 30' RVs at the time of your visit. 30-footers sound huge to me!
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