Hand pump for pontoon


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I have an Aire pump, but I've always been a bit frustrated with the attachments. I kept losing them until I finally tied them to the end of the hose with a length of wax cord. Those K pumps look intriguing.

Jim Ficklin

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Back when I used Aire-style, double action pumps I would keep the pump & all attachments in an inexpensive tote/gym bag (the kind that many outdoor magazines were fond of gifting when you renewed a subscription :D.). I also kept a cheap Coleman air mattress inflator in there (it plugged into the cig lighter.); it took a while, but it would put most of the air into my Woodriver float tubes, after which I'd top-off with the hand pump. Once I tried a K Pump, I made the switch.


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I have this exact pump and it has worked great for many years.
Double action always gets my vote! I have a wood splitter that is double action-it splits wood on the outstroke and instroke both so it is about twice as fast as a regular log splitter. I have never understood why this idea isn't universal among the residential log splitters that most of us own.

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