Lenore after the spring boom?


Air Force Guy
:confused: I have fished Lenore in the early spring and late fall with great success...anyone ever do any good in the middle? I'm thinking of draging a bugger around this weekend.


Too many hobbies.....
I fished Lenore a couple of weekends ago. First time for me fishing that lake beyond March. The wind was bad that day, and the weed growth/algae has started to get thick. First skunking of my life at that lake, but I chalked it up to the weather & wind. There's probably some fish to be had, but I doubt it will fish like it does in March. One good thing is you will probably have the lake to yourself! Good luck!
Just got back from Lenore this week and had good luck on black and green Cronomids.We fished for 3 hours in the morning (5:30-8:30) caught 3 nice fish. I can't remember what they were useing but it wasn't the the same thing.They got none. We fished across from the caves straight across and back very slow from the tube. I got one on the far side and 2 in the middle.Fished very slow and close to the bottom. There was a big hatch going in the middle of the lake. Very obvious what to use. Good luck

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