NFR New Tool Album


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Gonna be a lot of dudes crushing it at the gym today.


Thomas Mitchell

corvus ossifragus
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Loving it. I got the physical copy today. They outdid themselves on the packaging this time - it has an actual HD screen and speaker that play their crazy videos.

Randall Clark

Huge Fly Guy
All right, I had to see what all the hubub was about...only partially through the album, but thus far, Invincible is sticking out.

I could see this stuff being absolutely off the hook depending on one's state of mind...


I listened through twice without interruption and at least 2-3 more times casually at work while managing my crew which means a lot of headphones in and out. 7empest is certainly my favorite but invincible and descending really got me and Pneuma is is really growing on me. Chocolate Chip Trip seems familiar I think they played some version of that at the gorge.

They announced the first leg of the tour, no WA dates yet might make one of the LA shows if I can squeeze it in between work travel.

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