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Nymph fishing is a noble pursuit but it’s time to see what dries have to offer so I head to a place (not THAT PLACE) where skwalas should be out and about, maybe a March Brown or two, and it won’t cost me more that a quarter tank of gas.

They’re calling for showers/thunderstorms but what do they know (a lot, as it turns out)

The rain we’ve been getting the past couple days frosted the tops over here

Supposed to be decent; may have to bring the kayak over here some time

This will be legal in 10 days and there are some nice fish up in this stretch

Spot a dozen of these

No elk today but lots of these

This is where things get interesting

Water is up and chilly but clear; they may not be looking up right away, but patience is a virtue, yes?

Not much happening early on but the sun pops in and out between showers/thunderstorms and warms things up a bit.
Bugs get active (resist the urge to slap your neck)

The window opens up

And foam is back on the menu

It stays relatively busy for about an hour; not tight to the bank but definitely in the softer stuff

And then it shuts down. March Browns come out but no one seems interested; give it another week and things should pick up. Give it 10 days and the big bugs may be out.

Pretty spread

Pretty clouds

Pretty much done


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