FS Super Cat 60 Pontoon

Super Cat 60 Pontoon. Comes with pats, rowing kit, pump and small anchor. Lots of fishing to be had in this. Only real flaw is the oars were painted black and a lot of the black has worn off. Oars need to be repainted or take some alcohol and remove remaining paint.

Asking $500 obo. Local pick up only. I am in Bonney lake Washington.

Would be interested in trading for a pram. Particularly interested in a dogfish boat or a backwater from plasticboats.com


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~El Pescador
oh...good to know.
one more question: why it the frame section so extended in what would be in front of you when sitting in the boat?
Frame is extended so if you want to row, you have a place to rest your feet out of the water and reduce drag. If you want to kick with fins, put oats up and drop feet in and kick away.
Sweet boats. I have had the Supercat 50 for 10+ years. Stable. Quick set up time (I don't have the rowing frame). Tough as nails and I love that it's bladderless. You won't win any speed races but it is a great fishing platform.