Cedar River 2019

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.One should know all the regs that apply to what ever skinny water one is fishing. That way you can answer all the questions asked on it.


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Had an encounter with a land owner on the Cedar last night.

Saw him abruptly darting towards the hole I was approaching, spin rods in hand and I could see the nightcrawler container from a mile away.

Waited for him to bait up to be sure, then I let him know that it's illegal to use bait or keep fish.

He shook his head, rolled his eyes and said with sarcasm implied "well don't worry we'll release em" as he hands off a baited rod to someone.

I told him conversation was over and that I was just going to pass the encounter info and his address to enforcement. His tone very quickly changed and told me "I'm not very friendly for a fisherman" etc. He then went around with "we aren't even fishing today!" as they both have rods in their hands.

My concern is fish may be being retained. Unfortunately for him enforcement would like me to give them a call back today with that info.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
They seem to clean that river up every year and the next year it's trashed again. What do the people do on that river. Use it as a garbage pit??


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When people float the river in their tubes (not for fishing) they also bring food and drinks. It's too inconvenient for them to carry their trash the rest of the way down the river to the take out point, so they toss it in the river. They should make it illegal to float the river.


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Went out on Sunday morning and fished around the Renton area. Caught a 10in cutty which was great. The river itself was super tough to wade around that area and I could only hit 2-3 pools. Have other parts of the river been easier to wade?

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