Cedar River 2019


It's not an addiction because I don't want to quit
I agree... I think there are plenty of people who knowingly take fish out....on the other hand, I sometimes run into people who didn’t know any different... i find most people receptive to a friendly conversation.... river etiquette, is a completely different story...
same. I think you just have to fine the right hole... and I haven't found it yet.
I found one spot where I caught two larger sized trout but decided to explore the river a bit more this year and have gone super long stretches with nothing. Also have lost a ton of gear this year snagging up on underwater logs/branches etc ... In the end I get to explore a pretty cool river in my backyard looking for a few fish hiding here and there.
When most people buy their licenses, the copy of the regs are available. Why don't these people pick up a copy of the regs and then read them. The regs on the Cedar don't change that much from year to year. Only the opening and closing dates are somewhat different. I just can't believe that people are that dumb.
There are two groups of folks: naive people and dumb people. Unfortunately, they're both everywhere!
Actually there are 3 groups: poachers are the 3rd. Solution: forfeiture of this years license, all the gear and banned for the next year. NO exceptions, no matter which group you are in. Sounds harsh? So is depleting any resource that belongs to everyone. If you can't read, don't care or are just an F ing poacher, this way you'll learn.

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