FS Cabela's RLS+ 9' Fly Rod Combo(Brand New Never Used)

Anywho, back on topic :rolleyes: I have one of these setups — bought it to get myself back into fly fishing a few years ago — and have literally caught more fish on this rod and reel than probably all the others I own, combined...even though I haven’t fished it in a couple years.

I like these combos, at $120 I may have to go buy another.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Deleted unneeded posts. There's nothing wrong with letting seller know price may be high, even for a new rod. This let's seller and buyer know and both can decide for themselves if they want to sell or buy at current price. Responses, unless directly related to buying, selling, or vouching for the quality of rod will be deleted from this point on. Abuse the rant posts and you will be booted.


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I don’t like when i feel something isn’t right. And i am hoping i am wrong. But i saw you @Magilla17 and thought yay! Another woman. But then i was like WTF? .... Girl, you gotta post something other than just putting up classified stuff for sale.

I checked your postings. So many things you are selling have “only been used twice”.

That sounds so similar to any drunk driver who is pulled over and who has only had “two drinks”.

I am not saying you are not legitimate. But as a woman posting, which is rare here, you should maybe make an introduction before posting the same kind of post which is about selling something.

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