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if you want to catch less fish sure. there is something to be said for worms that stay down in the water column. there is also something to be said for flash. they are still super fast and easy to tie, and will outfish an unweighted basic bitch worm anyday.
Nothing a big ol' rubber legs and some splitshot can't handle. I think over complication leads to less time fishing. Nymphing high water = snags = gonna lose flies.

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I have never used a worm fly...grasshoppers and alder flies yeah...other stuff...but there is something non terrestrial about a worm...I know Swimmy has discerned to invoke bullshittery , but that is okay ...I have done that too...Hey we are least it is not some ff fashion crap that invariably shows up with regularity..because I really don't give a toolie bit what I wear...until I do...and then it is not when i am fly fishing...

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