FS Hatch 7 Plus spools

I have a large arbor and a mid arbor 7 Plus spools, in clear/blue.
They will fit on Finatic gen. 1 & 2 reels but they are the original style with the round porting instead of the fin shaped porting.
I used the mid arbor a bit on a 12'6" 7 weight spey and the large arbor was used for saltwater fishing.
They are both in excellent condition. The blue paint is faded in spots.
$160 shipped for both. PM me for pics.
Apart from faded paint, these work like new. Also bear in mind that a new spool for a 7 Hatch is 225, so these are 160 for TWO spools. If you wanna use that reel once in a while for spey, the mid arbor works great, and if you want to put a saltwater intermediate line on the large arbor, perfect.

IMG_3656.jpg IMG_3657.jpg


Are you sure they will fit a Finatic gen. 1 & 2 ? i thought the first run round ports ( Hatch Monsoon ) where specific and only fit the Hatch Monsoon 7. That is what i was told by Hatch at a fly fishing show this year?

Sorry not trying to mess up your sale
I'll ask the guys at Hatch, I know Finatic spools fit on the Monsoon cage, so I figure the other way around would work too. Stand by for confirmation.
I have a monsoon 7 plus and I know for a fact that a Gen 1 and 2 will not fit. The monsoon 7 plus is the only one that is not comparable with other hatch 7 plus spools. When I get home from work I can get you a measurement.

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