Aches and Pains and CBD oil.

I've got the standard problem of an old worn out body. Worn out shoulders and arthritic knees. Doctor says I should have knee replacement on my right knee, when last I went in. I say BS as I still get around albeit with some pain. Been using turmeric for years for my shoulder, with success, so I do think alternative substances can work. Anyway, I'm seeking opinions on CBD oil for body pain. Is it worth trying? I know a puff of ganja can definitely relax ones body, but I want to be able to function and drive around during the day and don't want the head trip. If so, what dose and form (gummies) works for you?
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I've got a shoulder that flares up after a couple days of rowing/fishing. I tried the CBD oil in the lotion form a couple times and it helped. Didn't get stoned at all(it doesn't have THC) but made the shoulder feel better. No clue what the dosage was, just one squirt from the pump and rubbed it in.

Of course its always best to treat the cause rather than the symptom but the oil is a good quick fix and probably better for you than loading up on Ibuprofen.
If you can afford it, get the knee fixed. I've got two bad knees and didn't get anything fixed. I'm now 84 and have a world of trouble getting around on bad knees I sit for a while and when I stand up nothing wants to work. I damn near gave up on all fishing because of that. Still having second thoughts on it.
I use it in a couple ways, and also have some opinions where I think the miracle stamp has been too widely applied to it.

Mainly, CBD reduces inflammation. I don't personally believe it is very good for reducing pain unless that pain is due to inflammation and the CBD reduces the root cause.

For example, I get tendonitis pain in my wrist which is actually caused by impingement in my elbow. If I were to apply CBD lotion to my wrist I only get minor relief, where as if I put it on my elbow it helps a lot.

I use a high dosage lotion sold on Amazon for that and on my shoulder / back when things flare up. I had a shoulder injury that took 6 months of physical therapy to heal. I got the same injury recently and using the same PT exercises but with CBD added I cleared it up in 3 weeks.

So essentially, I use CBD as a way to supplement icing when I normally can't ice an injury. At work, before bed, etc. I still ice when I sit around the house and directly compare CBD benefits to icing benefits.

CBD ingested is supposed to help with inflammation in areas you can't ice (internally and head for ex) so it has a massive benefit in that space as well.


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I also have a bad knee and am going to have it replaced this fall. I decided I wanted to play this spring and fall before replacement. I bought some CBD lotion w/tumeric for my knee and here is what I have found:
I typically get deep aches in this knee joint when the weather is going to change. after using this lotion for the better part of the month, that has gone away.
The knee joint is pretty swollen all the time and the lotion has not noticeably helped for the inflammation of range. But the deep, dull throbbing is pretty much gone - so win for me.

I got my bottle on Amazon as well and it was 25.00 for 2 oz. I continue to use THC recreationally because - well..... I like it. it does nothing for inflammation or range related to my knee and at times it can really mess with my casting ability, but, boy do I have fun on the water!

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It is different for everyone. Ive been a regular user of thc since i was young. Once i heard people started using cbd for i pain, i was interested. Ive tried all types of cbd from gummies and mints to topicals, and creams . It has never offered me any pain relief, mild to severe. My mother in law swear by it regularly as do many others. The pain ive had the last 6 months in my back has led me to try alot of options as opiates arnt for me.
I wouldnt promote anything that isnt proven safe for consumption but one thing that saves me on bad days is Kratom. I reccomend watching "A Leaf of Faith" on netflix if you have any interest.
Good luck with your health, i hope something helps you!
I've lost many many bouts to gravity and stupidity.
Bilateral knee replacement surgery was one if the best things I ever did. However that was about a decade ago and, while the metal is undoubtedly still fine, the surrounding parts are displaying lots of wear.
A little over a week ago I started taking full spectrum CBD oil.
It has been a godsend; both in loosened up joints and diminishing pain.
Try it- what do you have to lose?
I've got a bum knee from a skiing injury years ago that tore the MCL and ACL (had surgery for that) and am a few years out from a knee replacement. I'm 54 years old and have the knees of a 70 year old including torn meniscus, arthritic deposits, and all kinds of floaters in the joint. Sometimes the knee bothers me enough that it changes my walking gait and I end up with lower back problems too.
Two things I can to your doc about a Synvisc injection for the knee. It supplements the synovial fluid in the joint and unlike cortisone, can be repeated over and over. Studies are inconclusive, but I believe it helped me. And, acupuncture. I tried that for the first time this year for the lower back pain and within a day, the pain was gone. I was a skeptic, but there was a free clinic in Walla Walla, and I figured what the heck and gave it a try. Not only did the pain go away, it stayed away for over a month. I now go once a month for a 45 minute treatment and haven't had a bit of back pain since.

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I have problems with both knees - main joints are sound, no cartilage under the kneecaps (Osteoarthritis). I would rather keep my own knees. I stretch daily. I do non-load-bearing knee exercises daily; I exercise my back/back muscles & hips daily. All of these dedicated efforts have helped significantly. If the FDA ever approves stem cell therapy & Medicare starts covering it, I will try that before full knee replacement. At present, I'm holding my own as far as knee issues go - way better than I was a year ago.

I take Turmeric every morning; I do know that has helped my off-shoulder aches & pain (non-casting shoulder :D. 2 dislocations, fractured ball & major tendon damage.). I also exercise my shoulders daily & this has also helped a great deal. I very rarely ever use Aleve or other OTC pain relievers.

As for CBD oil - this has minimized my essential tremors a lot (non-full spectrum; I use 99.9% pure CBD oil.). While it may help with knee & shoulder discomfort I can't say for sure.
I took up Pickleball (crippleball) this winter, and my knees have been giving me some grief. ( I play Tues, Thurs and Sat...and limp Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays) I started using CBD cream, and it has really helped. The key is in using it a few times a day, to stay ahead of inflammation. My wife also uses it for arthritis in her fingers, and swears by it.
The company I work for makes CBD and THC skincare products. We find the most effective results with our 2:1 ratio blend of THC : CBD . CBD and THC in combo have the best effect, but current laws make pure CBD what you will be seeing in the near future of sports medicine, skincare, and general "wellness" products by big companies.

What works best for a specific person can be vastly different. While some users or conditions may work well with 99% CBD Isolate, others may need "full spectrum" hemp extracts which would contain a wide variety of molecules found in cannabis. Still other conditions may call for THC and CBD in unison for the best effect.

There is a lot of "snake oil" in the unregulated CBD market so if you are in washington I suggest you purchase from a state regulated and reputable company, or if you do order CBD online be very careful of the source and research it closely.

From pesticides, to heavy metals, mold, and straight up lies about whats inside..... its all out there in mass right now as people make a cash grab.

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