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Does anyone have any recent or not so recent experience with Feather Emporium. I vaguely remember problems in the past.

Nick Clayton

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I ordered some flatwing capes from them a few months ago. After placing the order I got a receipt email through PayPal but nothing from the site. Several weeks later no product, no update. I sent a couple inquiry emails with zero response. A week or two later my order did arrive, minus one of the capes I ordered. Sent another couple emails with zero response. Wasn't a huge dollar amount so I eventually gave up pursuing and simply decided it would be my one and only order from them.

Product was fine, service was terrible. They won't be getting any more of my business.

Jim Ficklin

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I haven't ever dealt with Feather Emporium, but after viewing the previous posts I won't either. Thanks Guys!


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I recently ordered some necks and saddles and had about the same experience as nick. I sent a couple e-mails and no response, so I sent an e-mail stating that I was going to cancel payment, the order was sent the next day. The order was complete and good quality, so my i’m one and done. Tight lines

Mark Mercer

I've never heard anything good about them, I know a few folks that have ordered Atlantic salmon feathers and have had horrible problems with them especially none existent customer service, I wouldn't waste my time.
I googled "Feather Emporium" after reading this thread and found FIVE websites showing complaints about the business. The BBB reports, 19 of them, show a pattern of business conduct that would result in criminal charges here in Canada. I am surprised that the U.S. legal system doesn't have a remedy.


I don't know Dave Roberts of Feather Emporium nor have I ever done business with him or his company. I do not do business with people who operate from a P.O. Box.
This is not the first forum I have read that details the problems people are having with Feather Emporium.
Since Roberts lists a Post Office Box in Madison Wisconsin and his business/cell phone has a WI area code, my suggestion to all those who believe they were defrauded by Dave Roberts would be to contact the Wisconsin Attorney General;
Mr. Josh Kaul
Wisconsin Department of Justice
PO Box 7857
Madison, WI 53707-7857
Ph 608 266 1221
Fax 608 267 2779
If you decide to file a complaint against Roberts, detail the problems you have had (and leave the emotional part out) include copies of emails, letters, PayPal notifications, dates of phone calls. Basically anything which points to fraud. If you sent a check by US Mail, complain to Postal Inspectors.
If enough people complain, perhaps this guy will be shut down.
Complaining to the Better Business Bureau? They have no power to affect change, they just try to negotiate with a business owner.


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First order a few years ago arrived with no issues. I currently have a claim filed against him with Paypal for an order placed April 11 which has not arrived. Like others, I've had no luck reaching him via email or phone. At this point my only hope of getting my money back is through Paypal.

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