NFR Mt St Helens eruption. May 18th, 1980. 39 years ago. Where were you?


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Catching turtles in a pond on Spokane’s South Hill. The western horizon turned black in late afternoon and we went home to learn that what happened. I was 8.


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A couple others.
My ex’s family lived in Yakima. They showed me pictures of the ash in their swimming pool. It looked like concrete.

My uncle was in eastern wa fishing when the mountain blew. The ash screwed up his rig and he ended up having to spend the night in a mortuary.
I believe it was in Othello if I recall correctly.


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17 on the East coast. Probably wasting my time partying. No concept of much.
I am amazed at the stories.
Reminds me of working construction at Old Faithful summer of '88. Fires all summer. Ignored the evacuation and watched the Inn narrowly avoid burning.

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Yacolt WA visiting wifes brother and family... Martha was pregnant with out first daughter...we saw the eruption climbing above us from their yard through the trees to 30,000 feet ominous dark over us then the ash started falling and we decided to head back to brush PraIRIE 35 MILES SOUTH... wipers on scraping the ash off the windshield radio on listening to what was happening...interesting day...Checked how far we were away from the top of Mt. St Helens...27 miles...I recall looking up and up to the top of the ash cloud and eruption...where we were it seemed like it was over us...
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Picking morel mushrooms in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon with my parents. Noticed a strange cloud as we headed home to the Tri Cities. Still have a vial of the ash I removed from the government truck in the morning heading out to work.



Was living in Kirkland and was washing my boat in the front yard and a neighbor ran across the street and said that the mountain had blown.
A couple weeks prior a friend, who had a family cabin in Kid valley, and I snuck in and fished the north fork. Haven’t been back there since then.


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The Clark Skamania Flyfishers had a casting / fishing demo on the Washougal that morning. Jim Unterwagner stopped by and told us the mountain had blown. Other than that there was no clue. I was living in Portland at the time and went home and watched it on the news. Still have a couple of bottles of ash from the first ash fall that reached Portland.

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