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Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
Billy, I’m coming down the Friday of the weekend of June 14,15,16, to pick up my daughter from studying abroad at Connell HS this last year. Any chance you want to meet up and fish for a day that weekend? I’ve already planned on bringing my boat. 93ABE2B1-2144-4E01-A7F4-A670393D9077.jpeg

Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
Studying abroad at Connell. I don't know what to say about that.
Well with the divorce coming down the pipeline last year, I gave her the option of going to school anywhere in the world..

She asked to go to my sisters house, who teaches music at Connell High.

She is happy with her choice, and had a wonderful year, with the best grades and social life of her her life. so I am happy also.

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
Sweet Ride. Hi
Liam and I picked up a new ride yesterday:D View attachment 202723 It's a Stratos 273 Vindicator with a very clean 115 Johnson View attachment 202725 . Should push 55 no problem. It came with a new Helix 9 which is going to be fun to play with: View attachment 202724 With a little polish it should really sparkle red: View attachment 202726 @Swimmy what sort of Jersey colors should Liam and I wear and any WFFers I bring out to really pop on the boat?
Sweet Ride
How bout name of "Fly'in Ass Bass????
Congrats Billy! That's way cool! I think that's like what I would do if I wasn't trying to balance saltwater use as well. Should be a great platform for a lot of good memories with your boy!

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