FS/T Hardy Zephrus 9’0 5wt., Sage Z Axis 9’0 9 wt, Orvis flies


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Hardy Zephrus 9’0 5 wt. in excellent shape, includes tube, sock, ferrule plugs. Rod is in great shape! Outside of a small cosmetic blemish - a small nick in the butt cap shown in the close up pic I attached - rod is pristine. Asking $330, with strong preference for local pickup and cash. Any shipping or PayPal would be a supplemental charge.

I can’t remember whether I registered the rod warranty online. I will check, but assume it is already registered.

Will consider trade in some form for Hardy Zephrus or Zenith 4 wt (either the 8’6 or 9’), or H2/H3 4 wt, z Axis 4 wt, or substantially similar(!)

Sage Z Axis 9’0 9 wt. in excellent shape. I purchased this from another member but have yet to fish it, which is a sign I don’t need it... $275 cash, and would also consider trading for a 4 wt as outlined above. The 9 weight will include a floating line in good shape, but does not include rod tube or sock.would make an excellent saltwater or pike rod IMO. SOLD

Orvis fly selection - SOLD

All prices cash + local pickup/local meet up unless otherwise noted. Might be willing to grit my teeth and mess with shipping, but not my preference.

6028A9A1-8877-4029-BC76-83F8AA2D1D53.jpeg 1859BBEF-6641-4DC6-82A1-67024DA83F11.jpeg 77A88EDD-925B-4A2B-AC57-3CE346DEE955.jpeg
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Is that Hardy Zephrus 9’0 5 wt still for sale? How many owners and how old is it? Would you also have a good reel to sell with it?


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Bump. I’m surprised i haven’t gotten much interest on this. The butt cap nick is really small - i took a close up of it because i want to be sure to disclose everything, but hope that isn’t what it turning folks away.
To reiterate, i prefer cash and local pick up (gives me chance to meet a new person, and gives buyer a chance to confirm condition). Tight lines!


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Hey Brian - I am currently looking for a Zenith in this exact flavor. But have been giving some thought to the Zephrus just to see what I think of it. Have you ever cast any of the Zenith to compare? Maybe you could sell me on it.

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