FS/T Hardy Zephrus 9’0 5wt., Sage Z Axis 9’0 9 wt, Orvis flies

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You are welcome. Now remove the temptation and buy it. Any rod that compares to the Zenuth as well as the Zephrus did is worth having.
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Hey Brian - I am currently looking for a Zenith in this exact flavor. But have been giving some thought to the Zephrus just to see what I think of it. Have you ever cast any of the Zenith to compare? Maybe you could sell me on it.

I have the 8’10” one piece 4 wt Zenith, but haven’t cast the 5 wt Zenith. Tough to compare apples to apples, as my impression is the one piece series was fairly unique.


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I've had a 9-ft 5-weight 4-piece Zenith, then the same rod as a Zephrus. I found a 5-weight one piece Zenith. Worlds better than either the 4-piece Zenith or Zephrus. Liked it so much I also got a 4-weight one-piece Zenith. Astoundingly good rods up close to far away. A total point-and-shoot rod. If you can deal with an 8-ft 10-inch rod that doesn't break down into pieces, it's worth looking for one of the one-piece rods. Hope this isn't confusing....

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