WTB Beater 5 wt. (college budget)

Let me take that 5 wt. you don't ever use off your hands and give it some love. Looking to replace my first paid too little and got a crappy rod with no feel. I'm trying to spend less than $100 if possible... 8’6-9 ft and 4 piece...
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I had the previous model (Echo Solo) in 9' 5wt and now have the 8' 4wt Echo Base. Absolutely love both of them. Sold the 9' 5wt Echo Solo to a buddy to get him into the sport, but the 8' 4wt Base is my go-to dry fly rod.


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As a recently-graduated college student myself, I am accustomed to buying used gear to afford all of my outdoor hobbies. However, Echo and a couple other companies make impressive rods at such affordable prices, that buying them new can be just as affordable as buying a used "premier" rod, plus you get the benefit of awesome customer service as the original owner.


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I have more 5 wts than I need. An Or Della 9' 5 wt MF action (discontinued company that made rods on Rainshadow blanks). I paid $200, would sell it for $100. Or an H&H rod I built on one of their blanks - 8 1/2' 5 wt MF action, also Rainshadow blank. Maybe $75. Or others, possibly.


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Whats your thoughts on that rod? That's my plan b if there's no other rods offered. Otherwise gonna just save up and get something less replaceable.
I bought a 9'0" 5wt for my Grandkid when she wanted to get started and as others have said, I found it to be an impressive rod even if Echo offered it at three times the price. It ain't pretty and it ain't fancy but it casts and fishes way above it's price point.

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