A question and a rant?

It's my opinion that casting a rod in a parking lot with whatever line doesn't come close to casting the same rod on the water with your own chosen line.
In the case of a seasoned fly rodder, reading reviews and knowing what you want in advance is enough to make a sound purchase.
I sell rods I dislike but still fish with rods I dont consider perfect.
I go to shops if they have what I need more than the interaction with staff anyway.

All my opinion.

I tend to agree. It often takes fishing a rod for a full day or more before I really get a feel for it.

I've cast rods in the parking lot that I ended up not caring for after fishing for a while. I've also disliked rods in the parking lot that grew on me on the water.

Still, I feel that casting a rod off the water can still give one some good information, and if nothing else make someone feel a bit better about making a large purchase.