Okanogan Highlands, Republic, Sherman Pass info


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Trying to plan a last minute trip with wife and pup for the long weekend. Camping, hiking, and fishing are on the agenda.
The FS land around Republic looks great but I can't find any recent reports on snow levels, hiking trail and FS road conditions.

Can anyone from that area comment on general forest conditions for Kettle Crest, Sherman Pass, etc?

Any hiking, camping, or fishing recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We will have a my river raft and be equipped for lake and river fishing.

The Kettle has some very nice red band rainbows, from the BC border to the Columbia.
Curlew lake has many fishys, Tiger muskie, bass, perch, etc.
There is still snow on Mission ridge, so I would bet there is still snow in the high country around those passes.


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Thanks fellas. From what I've gathered, the Kettle is likely to high right now to float but I'll certainly make that call when I see it.


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The area around Swan burned a couple of years ago. Been there several times since, and although I see rises every now and again, I have yet to catch a fish out of that lake.


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Appreciate the intel guys! Stormy weather in central WA is going to push us down south for the holiday weekend. Will likely be down around the Klick. Plus, It's been a while since I've given Rolf a visit.


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Floating the Kettle will put you in the path of several “constitutionalists” who don’t think the river is navigable and think they have ownership of the bottom of the river. This is FALSE. Politely remind them and keep fishing.
Being heavily armed provides a good reminder of your 'constitutional' right to float this river. That, and wearing plenty of military camo gear, makes the toothless hill scroggins mistake you for a fellow ding-bat.

Pro-Tip...avoid marrying one of their 'desperate to go someplace normal' pro-offered daughters.