Trip Report Hiking into the desert in search of water


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@Engee and I decided to try our luck fishing a lake new to us.
It was blowing pretty hard in Ephrata when Engee picked me up and I'm not much of a fan of float tube fishing when Mariah is acting up but it wasn't too bad when we got to the trail head.
It took maybe five minutes for Engee to stick the first fish. It wasn't a large trout but was strong and jumped four times.
Hero shot, he wet his hands before picking it up, that's what you have to do when you don't have a net.
I have a net. If this trout has ever been hooked before, I saw no sign of it and it had never been in a net.
I started fishing with two rods strung; one with a type-7 full sink, the other with my Coastal QuickShooter I-line. I came ashore and rerigged the I-line to a floating line and knotted up a leader about 16 feet long with a QR indicator. I'm becoming a fan of Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon (8# in this case) and used the fluoro to loop knot a size 10 olive jig with black pine squirrel tail. This lake has a couple little shoals with several nice drop offs. The jig worked pretty well when I set it at 10-feet and slowly jigged my way along the drop offs. 10-feet seemed to be the zone where the trout were. Like @Irafly, I really enjoy indicator fishing, especially when the indicator disappears frequently.
Only saw one deer, one coyote, no wolves, no cougars (till we got to Soap Lake), a few mosquitoes (they like Engee), no ticks and no rattlers.
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If you find water, I think, technically speaking, it's not a desert. Nice looking lake though. Looks like fun, providing the wind they call Mariah doesn't make to much of an appearance.

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