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Spent a week fishing for steelhead on Prince of Wales (POW) first of May. Unusual for POW, weather was good and streams were too low. Lots of fisherman and guides. Some were getting up at 5am to be first at a favored spot. Because water was low people targeted Thorne River, largest river on island with biggest run. Most streams are small and get between 50-150 fish a year. Steelhead appear to be peaking earlier than in past, historically around first of May but probably mid-April now. Two of us hooked 6 fish and landed 4 in 5 days. One was bright, others were colored and been in river a week or more. Stayed at a nice B&B in Thorne Bay.


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Great report and beautiful fish. Glad you mentioned the pressure that POW is receiving in the springtime for steelhead, I with fly fishing northwest magazine didn’t hotspot a certain creek here in a recent issue. I think POW might be able to take the pressure during the fall salmon season, but it probably can’t during the spring given the small water and small steelhead runs.


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6 hours?

Must be float plane
Lots of bears but every place I’ve been to up north when the fish are there so are the bears
So you must fly commercial into Ketchikan AK and then get a small commuter / bush plane to POW Island? Where on POW do you fly into (if that's not much info to share on the big board)?

thanks, andy


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Fly to Ketchikan, daily ferry to Hollis (3 hrs), scheduled flights by float plane to Thorne Bay (20 min). Can also fly charter to various places on POW but much more expensive. Also can fly on wheel plane to Klawock from Ketchikan or Juneau. We flew from Ketchikan to Thorne Bay, returned to Ketchikan via ferry. Flew on Taquan Air which has been in news lately for 2 crashes this month, disconcerting!


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Just got back from a Prince of Wales trip myself and never posted on this section of the forum but plan to do a photo journal type entry for those wanting to explore the waters glad u had a good trip and that Thorne River is a favorite for me.... thanks for sharing.... ST

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The Thorne is beautiful, have fished it twice. Besides some epic dolly topwater fishing, I found myself glad that river gets all the fanfare on the Island. There are dozens of steelhead creeks up there, most of them are a serious bitch to navigate.

6 fish in a trip is a great steelhead trip, whether in AK or anywhere else.

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