Reels you like for trout spey rods?

Steve Saville

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I have three trout speys; actually switch rods. A 2/3, 3/4, and a 5 wt. I use Ross Gunnison reels on all of them. They are pretty light fully loaded and if I need a drag, they have a good one though I usually keep it backed of just to make sure I don't over run the spool. Some will disagree but I have them and they work really well. I understand the Lamson reels are very good, though I have never owned one. I imagine just about any reel will suffice on a trout spey or switch is mainly for smaller fish.


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I use one of several Allen Alpha reels in 9/10 (for the Alpha III size 4) or Okuma SLV in size 8/9. I would also consider the Reddington surge in an appropriate size (I have a 10/11/12 as a back up for one of my larger rods--the heavier weight balances well with the larger Rods) I just wish that the Allen and Okuma had a fill cage but I don't have pull through that often. I use the Surge with an integrated line and don't have that issue with pull trough on it. Each of these were inexpensive and have performed extremely well.

Most of the trout spey fishing that I have done is actually more convenient with an integrated line than with mono. I don't understand why I don't stop using mono...

Bob Rankin

I also have a few Hardy’s, a Saint Jhon and a Marquis. I haven’t tried them out yet but plan to change that soon.


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Replace the original spool on a medalist 1495 1/2 with the newer medalist rim control spools (rc). Get several spools for different lines.

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