Reels you like for trout spey rods?

David Loy

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Haven’t read all 4 pages, short on time. But I’ll list Bauer M3 and M4s for my light Spey and switch rod. The only winter stick I have left is a CND Skagit Specialist, paired with the classic Hardy Salmon No. 2 and an Airflo Delta (new) w/tips. I love that outfit but haven’t fished it in 20 years. I should sell it I suppose. Used to love the snow flying sideways, standing in the river, swinging black Practitioners.
I also had a WInston DBF 10/11, with a gold Tibor Gulfstream. It was a “King machine” and the purtiest setup you’ll ever see. Fun to throw mid and long bellys too, but long gone now.
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If it swims I'm interested.
Redington Behemoth. It'll stop a big fish. Besides, The less I spend on reels, the more I have for rods. I just ordered a custom 6wt 11' Steve Godshall Quantum with a turbo-tip.

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