Trip Report Upper Connecticut River

My wife and I went home to do the east coast family circuit for the last couple weeks. My side are just typical Massholes, her side is way up in the Great North Woods of NH. The Connecticut River is dammed here creating a chain of four lakes and river sections. It's pretty incredible. It's all great trout water and each lake has its own population of landlocked Atlantic's. I called a lodge and got a guide for a couple mornings to try and find landlocks.

As soon as we arrived I headed to one of the sections, I had about an hour and immediately hit a half dozen mix of browns and rainbows.
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First time using the 5 wt single hand with a commando. It was fun as hell for streamers.

The next morning I met Chuck Degray, a guide and fly tier. I told him I'd love to find a salmon, but just wanted to have a good time. He explained that with all the high water it was gonna be tough, but he had an idea. We put his drift boat in one of the lakes and cruised to where the river pours in. Found a bow, a good brown, and a half dozen salmon. Mix of streamers and nymphs. A good guide on a trip with limited time is worth their weight in gold. At the end of the morning Chuck asked me if I'd ever fished for pike.

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good times, nice report.. I grew up in NH, that was my favorite water to fish for a bunch of years. spent >100 days up there probably. Get up before its light and walk down the trophy stretch first with a big giant beadhead leech/articulated something at dawn and try for one of the big stocked brookies. marabou black ghost twitched through the best big pools for the landlocks.

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