Have you ever intentionally fished in a popular recreation area just to show off?

Bob Rankin

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Had the family and brother on a Yellowstone trip a few years ago. We had been cruising and checking out sites all day and I was in need of a fish fix. So I convinced everyone to pull over so I could make a few casts on the Yellowstone.

There were 4 other dudes there trying to throw beautiful casts all the way across the river.

So...I grabbed my rod and hiked about 30 yards up river from the car. I tied on a size 16 parachute Adams and made about a 10 yard cast into a nice seem and Boom! I holler for my brother to grab a net ( IT’S BIG)! After an animated battle, all the dudes fishing were pissed, it basically stoped traffic and I almost had to run over a couple Asian guys that I think were trying to take pictures of the inside of my nostrils!

After that I just sat on the bank, had a few beers and watched no fish being caught by the haters :)

One and done!
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Nope...I detest crowds when I fish. Drives my wife nuts how fast I can gear up and fast track it out of a busy parking lot to separate from the gawkers, posers, Bros, and ego maniacs. I quote a friend in a situation :) ;)..." I will have no part of this!".
I try to stay away from people as much as possible. Not out to impress anyone nor give away a great place to fish. But there are some places that are just very visible - like the Yakima canyon. One day I was fishing a favorite place on the Yakima, a nice bend with a drop off/shelf that is not visible to the eye. I caught 40+ fish there that day and whenever I had one on vehicles stopped and watched. Some stayed and watched for a while eating their lunch.

Brian Miller

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I'd stop short of calling it a "popular recreation area", but there are a pretty fair number of hikers and a few fisherfolk that hike 8 mi RT to a sub-alpine lake where I went for the maiden voyage of my 7 lb Outcast Trinity float tube (since sold to purchase a tube that weighs 3.4 lbs). There were fish rising all over the place. A couple of guys fishing power bait with spinning rods on the north shore near where I put in were getting skunked. I greeted them and got a polite response. After catching my third fish with a Klinkhammer about 20' beyond their bobbers I asked if they wanted to try the fly I was using at the end of their line with the bobber (that always worked/works for me when I pack in an ultralight spinning rod). They politely declined so I proceeded to sally forth on a ~30 fish day.

A young couple found a campsite along the east-northeast shore (about 100 ft across the lake from the power baiters who were were still struggling) while I was still racking up fish near the north end of the lake. While her male companion was diligently setting up their tent, the pretty young woman with a trim athletic figure in hiking shorts walked out over the water a few feet on a log at their campsite and said "Oh [name]! There's a fish here next to the log. Come look!" I finned over a few feet and somehow put a perfect 60 foot cast to about 8 feet of where she was standing, hooked it and landed it (nice to have a spotter, no?).
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I was out at the warm ditch one winter day, the catching was over the top.
I was laughing my ass off with ever fish.
A guy and his wife showed up on the other side of the creek from me and ask how many I had caught.
I said "I had to take my pants down to count to 21" the guys wife started laughing and I could still hear her laughing when I started driving home.
There are fishin moments that ya just never forget.

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