FS 8' Smith Brothers Pram

I am selling my dad's pram. He bought it on here around 2012. When he bought it he refinished the the epoxy and paint. He added Scotty anchor pulleys front and rear and raised the oar locks. It includes anchor pulleys, downrigger balls and rope. He would take it to Lone and Leech lakes. He would always get compliments on it. Located on Comano Island but can be brought to Edmonds $550
IMG_20190526_130502088.jpg IMG_20190526_130522884 (1).jpg IMG_20190526_130618369.jpg IMG_20190526_130654030.jpg IMG_20190526_130747241.jpg IMG_20190526_130754220.jpg IMG_20190526_130757078.jpg

Jeff Dodd

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Very nice!

That looks to be mahogany rather than Doug fir. So therefore, lighter.

I had a 10’ version. It was noticeably lighter than my 10’ fir boat. That said, I didn’t weigh any of them. My guess your boat is 85-90 pounds.

Wish I had storage for your Dad’s boat so I could give it a good home.

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