Trip Report Renew that EBT card

Sir Homey

Level 7 Dungeon Master
Oh man, the thaw is well underway, it is time to head for the hills!

The best of the wild flowers seems yet to come at this elevation. Skeeters however, they're already out. Not even a break from the bloodsuckers this year, they're already on the hunt. :mad:

I've always known to carry an ant pattern for the high country, but I can't say I've ever seen a true "hatch". On this trip however the ants were pelting the lake. They even made an audible noise when bouncing off the tube or my hat. The fish were definitely looking up. Hale bopps and small buggers were working down below on a sinking line as well.

Nothin' like the high country.


lil chunk3.jpg

early color2.jpg


ice frog don't give a fuck1.jpg



lil chunk1.jpg

route finding. not all the tracks lead to the right place1.jpg


Greg Price

Love da little fishies
wow, beutiful pics. Look at frog on snow, it looks like he has a hook embeded just under skin on his back. I wonder if he is trying to be a hipster with odd piercings?

Dave Boyle

Active Member
Wonderful report btw, I too recently witnessed an ant hatch and my dry ants were puny, fish wouldn’t look at them. My buddies only big Chernobyl ant they couldn’t get enough of...


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Dang! I have a current CCT card, a good RTSP card, last year's LC and RF cards....but no EBT card. I guess I'll have to head East, or somewhere.

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