Trip Report Fiji again


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Had so much fun last year we decided to return again this year. Seemed to hit all the wrong tides and only caught a couple of these guys for most of the time. 20190525_070200.jpg
We mostly snorkeled and adventured, with casting involved most of the time.
20190520_160635.jpg 0528191716a_HDR.jpg
Very last day get out with a local that has a simplest and most effective setup. He saw my flies and chased down his neighbors chicken, and produced a 3 feather fly. He let my wife run the hand line for food for his family while i casted and slow trolled the fly while cruising. She caught 25 small trevally and leatherbacks. Our guide was very happy. I hooked up with a good trevally and my first barracuda.
20190531_084845.jpg 20190531_103043.jpg So much fun. I just might go back.
VideoCapture_20190602-130327.jpg VideoCapture_20190602-130332.jpg
Bonus snorkeling sharks. Saw 4 total up close while at Nemena Marine Preserve and surrounding reef areas. 20190519_143003.jpg
Vinaka vaka levu!

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