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I've read the boards here for awhile, but first time posting. I've been at it a few years with a Cabela's Prestige rod/reel combo, and looking for my next purchase (going to keep the prestige as a backup or for my girlfriend to learn on and use when she comes with me - she is a beginner).

I primarily bring the rod on backpacking trips and dry fly or light nymph for trout in alpine lakes, smaller streams, and medium sized rivers. Still learning all the ins and outs of fly fishing, but I am fairly confident in my casting abilities.

I am looking at combos like the Redington Path, the Orvis Encounter, and the Echo Base. Hoping to be under $200 if possible.

Would be curious to hear any recommendations anyone may have!

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Well a big hoody dooty to you. Welcome. You look like you've done you homework on rods. I haven't bought a new rod in almost 10 years. So I don't have any input for you.

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Bought my girlfriend a Redington combo 5 years ago and she loves it... I recently wanted a 2 wt and bought a Redington from Cabelas and I love it ... I have a lot of other rods and even more reels ...At under $200 a mail order purchase was not too much of a risk...


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Echo Base is pretty darn good for the price. For any of the combos, you'll need a new fly line anyways. Echo has really god warranty for the most part.


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Well, my first post might as well be in reply to your first! Up until this year I would have said Echo Base as well, but the new Orvis Clearwater is really sweet. Its $200 for the rod alone, so you'd have to keep using your old reel, or pick up an inexpensive option plus line, but having cast it, I think its well worth the price jump.

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