FS FishCat Scout frameless pontoon, Regal Medallion Vise, OPST system 225 grain


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1. FishCat Scout frameless pontoon -SOLD

2. Regal Medallion Vise - $100 + $10 Shipping
Got it from this forums. ( Not sure why i bought it :))
one with a dot in the jaws for better holding. works perfect.

3. OPST system 225 grain $75 + $5 shipping
Purchased from WFF forum and never took out of pkg.
225 Grain commando head - practically new
floating tip 20gr/ 1.3g
Commando Sink 96 gr, S3/4 Run 12feet/3.6m


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A steal at that price. I woulda jumped on it if you weren’t so far north.
If it doesn’t work out let me know please.

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