Soooo... Whatcha do when WFF was down?

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Likely a piece of cartilage where it doesn't belong. My knees have taken a lot of abuse over the years. It's improving but damn slowly.
Had one of those for a long time...the locked up knee...Boy did that feel weird...occasionally felt like folding up and down...They call that a trick knee...It sort of healed over the years , responding to the barometer...and it was a simple thing some 50 years ago...a sever meniscus tear that floated around. I avoided surgery as I learned the longer one waits the better til it doesn't matter anymore because other shit hurts more.

Shawn Seeger

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Thought crap now more politics will show up in my news feeds... So got angry ... This then caused my wife to be anxious, after the late spring trout start that I just started recovering from (and her dealing with me).
Then decided to do some gear fishing, with the wife, on Riffe lake for landlocked silver and fire up to smoker.

Then did the old person thing and went on numerous "Sunday drives" even though it wasn't Sunday.

Tried to get a bunch of yard/field work done.

Went though numerous adult beverages!

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Glide? Other than the N Ump what the heck is in Glide? (Is Umpqua Feather Merchants in Glide?)

While the site was down I discovered I actually have a full time job and am supposed to do stuff to receive a pay check. What a shock! Who knew?
As for what is in Glide? No stop lights, gotta pick up my mail at a PO box (with in walking distance), I don't know anything about Umpqua Feather Merchants.
What is there for me is warmer winters, down size property/less maintenance, less over head $ wise, quieter neighborhood.
What else??? Well I'll be in Glide.
Know matter where I go, I'm there

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
You know there is nothing novel about that. I think about getting laid often...but mostly while enjoying online porn... ;);)
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I'm glad I wasn't throwing mid-nineties fastballs at guys with modern aluminum bats. There's NO getting out of the way of a come-backer . . . :eek: !
In the 80s/90s...slow pitch softball and titanium bats...
Infielders played halfway into the outfield...pitcher was toast!!

Played in a tourney in Klickitat, WA...had a player on the opposing team put his titanium bat away forever, after he damn-near broke our pitcher's hand on a comebacker. The pitcher was standin' halfway between the mound and second...he caught the ball and it sounded like a gun had been fired as it hit the mitt!!
Also, the guy battin' was big enough to hit 350' ft easily with one hand...
no need for a titanium bat.