FS Orvis Recon 10’3” EuroNymph Complete Setup


SOLD - Orvis Recon 10’3” 3 weight EuroNymph Complete Setup with Orvis Battenkill III (upsized reel per recommendation to balance rod), Airflo Super-Dri Euro Nymph line. I’ll also include some 20lb, 15lb and 12lb Maxima as this is what a lot of the pro’s use to build euro leaders as well as some sighter material. I bought everything new and ONLY fished twice. Near Mint condition!!

$485 delivered for everything

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$450 delivered to your front door for a GREAT Euro setup...... ..rod, reel, top notch euro line, and leader building material.......... Used TWICE!!

On a side note, Euro Nymphing is just "not my thing" but when I took it out I tried casting a typical dry dropper setup and was REALLY surprised at how easy it was to cast on just the leader material with no fly line out at medium to short distance so even though this rod is labeled as a euro rod it can serve dual purposes!


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Ummm... This Rod also works really will with a regular 3wt floating line casting dries. The advantage I noticed due to the length. I kept my line higher in the air while false casting, keeping my fly above the tall grass and shrubs behind me. I hate snagging on the back cast... argh. It also mends really well for the drown stream dry fly presentations. Longer rod gets more reach for those wider trout creeks. I've yet to try any other lines other than a euro rig (I think that's straight forward... flick and high stick... not much to it), and a standard floating... If I have a line 3 in a double taper, I would assume rolls would be epic.

Good luck with the sale! Surprised it's not gone.


Yes, I'm surprised also......the whole setup is practically brand new. I did not expect it to cast a dry dropper with nothing more than leader out and it was EASY and accurate. It is definitely more than just a "pure" Euro rod!

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